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Keating Communications Telephone Service




At Keating Communications we will help you to choose the right phone system for your business.

Before you call and talk to any vendor you need to determine what features you need and what features you want. 

Most systems have a voicemail/auto attendant option, and most have a caller ID optionNot all will transfer to a cell phone and not all have a voice over IP option
Some have computer integration, and some will have a wireless station option.

There are various quality levels and some systems are more durable than others, you need to find out what kind of warranty is offered and will you get a replacement part or do you need to return an item for repair and wait for its return.

Keating Communications sells, installs, and services all Panasonic phone systems.  We also service and maintain the Norstar line, Vodavi and Avaya Partner series of telephone systems as well as smaller systems.

Keating Communications technicians are certified in Panasonic KXTD, KX-TDA, and KX-TDE systems and the latest versions of Panasonic systems including the newest VOIP capabilities.  We have the expertise with each system we install and can tailor any system to suit your business needs.  We have customers with single locations and customers with as many as 14 locations across the United States.

We will visit your location and provide you with a quote for the system that will serve you best.  If you are already a Panasonic user we can provide you with the service to keep it running and performing well.

Keating Communications offers service and maintenance contracts on some systems call for quote or e-mail to info@keacom.com

Please call Steve at 818 280-9000 ext 221  for a free quote.


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