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Keating Communications Voice / Internet

Keating Communications are agents for all the major carriers and will review your bills, discuss your objectives for the future, and then recommend and provide the right carrier for your business. We help you choose and receive the best service for your particular business situation.  We are finding that our customers are requiring larger internet capabilities and we are able to help them choose the best service for accessing the internet.

At Keating Communications we know all carriers can provide a T-1 (Hi Cap) circuits but we would prefer to discuss your situation with you and recommend the right amount of bandwidth for you.  We have customers with DS3, Bonded T-1, 6 mbps circuits as well as some with 512 kbps due to the bandwidth requirements.

Keating Communications knows all companies promise on network availability of 99.99%, minimal packet loss, and maximum latency. But we have the knowledge and information as to which ones have better service in which areas. At Keating Communications we know which ones really perform as they advertise.

When deciding on how much bandwidth you need a basic measurement is to add approximately 50 mbps per computer that will be using the internet, accessing a main computer or other internet use.  Uploading pictures, blueprints, x-rays take a lot more and you need to plan for accordingly.  It is usually safe to assume that not everyone will be on the internet at the same time, but sometimes it is better to have too much than too little.

When deciding on how to figure telephone lines you need.  An easy rule of thumb is to figure how many lines are for general office use.  You can figure three people per each line (Minimum three lines).  For sales personnel you will generally need one line per sales rep.  For telemarketing you use three lines per each two reps.  Your account history will give you a better insight to how you use your phone system and what is the best fit and alignment for your company.

Keating Communications has, depending on your telephone system, the technical support to perform the cut over from one company to another at no additional charge.  Our technicians are certified on the Panasonic KXTD, KX-TDA, and KX-TDE systems, including the newest VOIP capabilities of the KX-TDE series. We have technicians qualified on Norstar, some AT&T, some Avaya, and some Toshiba systems and will frequently perform the cut over at no additional charge on the weekends or after hours.

Remember at
Keating Communications, we can upgrade your system or place new cat 3 wires, cat 5e wires and coax cable with BNC connectors and of course place your fiber optics cable for you.


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