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Panasonic Plus Leasing

Helping you achieve
your financial goals

With the financial economy in today’s marketplace in turmoil, small businesses are struggling to make ends meet.
Most businesses often ignore or simply over look the high cost of replacing their telephone equipment.

Panasonic Plus may be the answer you been waiting for.

Panasonic Plus Eliminates Technology's Greatest Risks

Technology is advancing at a pace never before seen in the industry, increasing the importance of programs that help you protect your technology investment. Panasonic Plus eliminates the two greatest risks associated with technology that you experience – obsolescence and the unknown cost of owning technology.

Panasonic Plus provides you with hardware, software, protection, professional services, and unlimited training for a fair fixed monthly cost.

You Always Benefit from the Latest Technology

This program ensures you that the voice, data, and information systems of your people remains current and incorporate the latest in value added solutions. Panasonic Plus is designed so you have only a small fixed monthly cost for your communications infrastructure, while also assuring you that you are able to stay on top of the most current technologies available.

Panasonic Plus enables us to install for you the best technology without large up-front costs, to upgrade to new technology without increasing monthly payments and to ensure total protection of your communications infrastructure. As a result, Panasonic Plus provides you a true cost of ownership.

Panasonic Plus Creates a long term Peace of Mind

With Panasonic Plus, we will truly partner with you to assure you that the technology provided today can be Renewed, Refreshed or Replaced as required and that you will have the appropriate emerging technologies as they become available and needed.


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