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Keating Communications Our History

Steve Keating owner and operator of the Keating Communications business, brings over 40 years of experience working in the telecommunications industry.

Steve Keating worked for Pacific Telephone in various departments during his career of 30 years. He hired in as a messenger (just delivering mail) and soon worked his way up through the company. Steve learned the art of installing, maintaining and servicing telephones. He then moved on to the PBX and Switchboard Systems, after becoming proficient on business systems he took over his first job as an Assistance Manager. After learning how to manage a crew of technicians and get the performance needed from his installers he took another step up the ladder. As a Manager in charger of Assistance Managers, Steve learned about the fine art of Customer Service. He also learned what to look for when hiring technicians, Customer Service has to come first.

After leaving one of the largest telephone companies with 30 years of service (Pacific Telephone), Steve went to work for a company called All City Paging.  Remember, pagers were the hot item during the early 90’s. At this time cell phones (PCS) were big and bulky and not everyone could afford them. Here he learned about the paging business, another aspect of the communications business. By now he knew how to manage a company and wanted his own. Knowing he could and would provide Customer Service to each one of his customers.

Cristi McGilvray has the experience in the sales department. Working for an insurance company she learned the art of Sales and Customer Service. As she became available during the time the company was being formed, Steve moved her in to take over sales for the company. Her company was moving to
Northern California at about the same time so it was a perfect fit. So in 1996 they started the Keating Communications business to provide telephone service in the greater Los Angeles area.

Keating Communications was formed in 1996 with the goal of providing complete low cost and efficient business communications services. Steve Keating owner and operator of the business, has over 40 years of experience working in the telecommunications industry. Cristi McGilvray brings the sales team on board at the same time and the Keating Communications opens for business.

Our technicians graduated and are certified on the Panasonic KXTD, KX-TDA, and KX-TDE systems. We continue to provide value for our customers with technicians capable of serving you in various parts of the greater Los Angeles area.

Our Mission is to provide the best telephone service at the best prices helping our customers to achieve their business goals.  We have technicians who have been with us for over ten years as well as newer employees.

I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to tell you some of the highlights and history of the Keating Communications business. As you review our story, I am confident you will be impressed with the Keating Communications Team in Canoga Park, California.


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